Circular Knit Services Testimonials


“Tom Miles is an artist with the knitting machine. We have used him on many projects to make intricate knitted products that highlight our fiber treatments and he always delivers above my expectations.”    Andy Hollis, Tintoria Piana Inc.

“Circular Knit Services has been a unique and invaluable service in supplying fresh cut and sew knit designs for our men’s sportswear and golf brands. My team had also worked on site to develop custom designs that we would otherwise not be able to create. The designs are supported by full technical data allowing the textiles to be reproduced at knitting mills around the world.”

Jean Boland, Director of Design Joseph Abboud Sportswear,  VP Design Tricots St. Raphael


“Circular Knits is a solid resource for any apparel company. Throughout my career, I used Circular Knits to create knitdowns for making internal merchandising decisions, supplement market samples, direct overseas vendors on execution and to help determine color palettes. Tom is responsive and is a strong problem solver. He not only takes direction on your request, but he also makes suggestions on how to improve and bring your product to the next level.”  

Kate Kibler, Izod, Nautica and Tommy Hilfiger


“Tom and Susan at CKS are your go to vendor for quick development! We have used CKS many times and are very happy with the expertise and knowledge they bring to every knit down!”  Stephen Liquori, Goodwear USA


“As a major supplier to the domestic textile business, Poole Company has found Circular Knit Services to be invaluable. Having a specialized and customer oriented facility to knit sample and development fabrics has provided Poole Company a great resource. We use them for quick quality testing of new fiber and yarn combinations. We use them to help us enhance the unique fiber characteristics by producing development fabrics that show the major attributes of the fibers. Plus, their willingness to do “rush” work is a plus.

Circular Knit Services also provides the unique capability of dyeing fabrics on site and in timely order. Quite often, they have knit, dyed and finished fabrics for us when all other options did not meet our needs, pricing or understanding of our wants. We rely on Circular Knit Services to grow our textile fiber business.” 

David Reed, Sales and Technical Service Manager Poole Company


“Running out of fabric design ideas? Tom Miles has an “APP” for this. Set yourself apart by collaborating with Tom for unique and exciting designs.”  

David Sasso, Buhler Quality Yarns Corporation